Coltri CNG EVO

Coltri CNG EVO

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The CNG EVO series compressors have been designed to recompress previously treated and filtered natural gas and biomethane. These compressors are designed for the refuelling of vehicles powered by natural gas for domestic use or small fleets. The electronic control and command unit simplifies use with the automatic stop function with full tank and state-of-the-art safety systems. The machines are powered by three-phase electric motor for the CNG EVO 10, CNG EVO 14 and CNG EVO 19 pumping units, while the model equipped with the CNG EVO 5 pumping unit can be single-phase or three-phase powered. The standard equipment includes a 4.5 m high-pressure tube and delivery gun with NGV1 direct drive suitable for filling pressures of up to 250 bar.


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