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Catalina S80 Aluminium Cylinder – 11.1 Ltr / 80 cu ft 207 BAR

The dive cylinders are manufactured from high grade Aluminium. Catalina Cylinders provide divers with great buoyancy characteristics as both dive cylinders and stage cylinders, plus provide divers with excellent value for money. Catalina Cylinders have been purposely manufactured and designed to be rugged enough for both sport and rental gear diving. The increased air capacity and great pricing of the Catalina range of Aluminium cylinders leads many to consider them to be a cheaper alternative to the Faber range of steel cylinders.

Catalina Aluminium cylinders have been the staple cylinders in the diving industry for many years. Their cylinders are used by more divers, dive operators and retail dive stores than any other type of cylinder available.

The major advantage of Aluminium cylinders unlike steel cylinders don’t rust, they oxidise. The oxidisation of Aluminium forms a protective coat that hinders the continuation of corrosion making aluminium cylinders less likely to be condemned due to excessive corrosion. Many dive operators prefer to use the Catalina cylinders for their hire and training cylinders because of their highly regarded buoyancy characteristics, the Catalina Aluminium cylinders can also be used as large stage/pony tanks by technical divers going really deep, or on very long decompression dives. For longer, deeper dives they often use these cylinders to carry an enriched Nitrox mix, such as EAN50 to accelerate their decompression times on accents. This makes them a fantastic choice of dive cylinder and capable of many different uses.

MATERIAL: Every S80 cylinder is produced from high strength aluminium alloy .
THREAD: Standard M25 x 2
Valve. : Sano-Sub
Nitrox use: The S80 cylinders are approved for filling with Nitrox to a maximum of 40% oxygen
• S80 volume is 80 Cubic Feet or 11.1 Litres
• Rated 207 Bar or 3000 PSI Filling Pressure
• Brushed Alloy Finish

Manufacturer – Catalina USA

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